The Gaboon Viper: Longest Fangs of Any Snake

Meet the Gaboon viper! With fangs up to 2 inches in length, it has the longest fangs of any snake on the planet. Found only in a handful of countries in Africa, it is also the heaviest venomous snake on the continent. The viper can weigh up to 18 pounds, and grow to be 7 feet in length.

Its venom is cytotoxic, meaning it attacks its prey’s tissues and cells. Impressively, this snake produces more venom than any other snake.

Scientific name is “Bitis Gabonica” Photo credit:

Here is another photo with the protective sheath held back. Look at those bad boys, incredible!

Photo credit:

Gaboon vipers have many unique characteristics. Given the right surroundings, their skin pattern and color are perfect camouflage.

Watch your step! Photo credit:

The snake has tiny “horns” at the end of its large, triangular shaped head. Large venom glands are located behind its eyes. Despite reaching lengths up to 7 feet, its body is noticeably stocky and sluggish, causing it to move like a caterpillar.

Photo credit:

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